Microlight flight

From the lenticular reef in the south to Domaine de Déva in the north, Bourail offers a stunning variety of landscapes and is an ideal location for a paramotor or microlight flight.

How do I choose between a microlight or paramotor flight? The microlight is swifter and will allow you to cover more distance. You will explore a wider area during the flight and the microlight craft is less sensitive to changes in the wind, so it can fly in the most turbulent conditions.

The paramotor flight is the “slow” and tranquil option. The speed and cruising altitude are such that you can easily identify animals such as turtles, dugongs and other rays on the surface of the lagoon waters or deer herds criss-crossing the valleys of Domaine de Déva!
One last tip for those of you who want to try this unique experience: turn off your mobile phones and other smart devices before you fly! Let yourself experience the magic of the moment. Forget your worries, your stress and get ready to immerse yourself in an enchanting experience!

Prices (1):

20 minutes flight: 9 000 F
30 minutes flight:  13 000 F
45 minutes flight:  18 000 F
60 minutes flight:  22 000 F

(1) Rates valid at 31/12/2018


Cap ULM / Poé

44 22 00 – 94 73 31


FB: Cap Ulm Poé


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