Seaplane flight

Seaplane flight: take to the air… from the sea!

AIR PARADISE is the first provider to offer seaplane flights in New Caledonia. Shall we soar before landing on the sea?

Those who have never flown over the lagoon and the coast bordering the Bourail region can’t imagine the astonishing magnificence their eyes will behold! It’s just too wonderful! Thanks to AIR PARADISE, it is now possible to combine the magic of this spectacle with the extraordinary sensation of taking-off and landing on the turquoise waters of the lagoon, aboard a two-seater seaplane.
An amphibious seaplane!
Given its ability to land on the sea, the seaplane is allowed to fly at 500 feet (approximately 150 m). This opportunity offers an incredible view of the marine world, including fauna, corals and reefs.
Take control!
In addition to flight routes leading from the Mara pass to Cap Beaupré via Green Island, Temrock and the Cap estuary, AIR PARADISE offers another unique service: video capture of your flight or first piloting experience! By opting for a specific package, you can take over the controls. Guaranteed thrills!


Tel.: +687 50 06 66
FB: Air Paradise Poé

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