Safety instructions which must be respected in the Domaine de Deva estate…

Nature is beautiful, I respect its tranquillity and beauty.
I respect the environment.
I do not throw any rubbish on the trail.
I do not stray from the defined and marked path.
I do not scare or hunt the animals.
I do not light a fire.
I respect the infrastructures put at my disposal.
I do not shout unnecessarily.
I keep my children safe.
I keep my dog on a leash.

Safety instructions for the mountain bike trails and Bike Park

Access to the slopes is free and unmonitored. Cyclists ride there under their own responsibility or under that of their legal guardian in the case of minors. They must have adequate equipment (bike and rider protection) and make sure that the routes used correspond to their level of experience.


Procedure in the case of an accident

In the case of an accident, keep calm. Be sure to protect and keep your group and the victim safe. Alert rescue by carefully evaluating the situation and describing the scene to the response teams. Practise first aid if you are capable of doing so. In case of helicopter rescue, make sure to make yourself visible and follow the safety instructions which will be explained at the Drop Zone.


15 – Emergency medical aid (SAMU)
16 – Sea rescue
17 – Police
18 – Firemen