The Domaine de Deva estate offers remarkable sites for this activity. However, while take-off and landing conditions are generally quite comfortable, the aerology can sometimes be surprising. Apart from baptism flights or supervised training sessions, the place is also recommended to pilots who already have extensive experience of free flight.

The Oua Koué site lets you try tandem baptism flights with a professional pilot. A flight lasts an average of 20 minutes. An unforgettable memory of new experiences!
Rate1: 20,000 F, photos of your flight included.

The Boé Arérédi offers introductory sessions in the grassy slopes at the foot of the terrain.  Each session, during which you will be supervised by a state certified instructor, lasts about 3 hours. Combined theory and practice. Discover free flight and experience unique sensations!
Rate1: 30,000 F, equipment and photos included. (online booking possible)

Facebook « Sensation-Aile » – Tel. 78 89 32

1 Rates valid at 23/04/2018

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