Fitness trail

This trail consists of 15 modules of varying sizes and spaced about 100 m, for a total distance of 1.6 km.

Accessible to all, this trail can be fun for a family but can also be used in the form of a complete sports training session, punctuated by exercises using different muscle groups.

Download the layout of this trail

Duration: 45 minutes – flat and shaded trail

no.1 / Slalom: run between the poles passing on the outside of each
no.2 / Double ladder: climb up the logs and go down on the other side
no.3 / Giant step: jump from post to post from one leg to another
no.4 / Jump course: jump over the hedges using your feet
no.5 / Push ups: push and bend the arms, body straight
no.6 / Fixed bars: arm pull-ups
no.7 / Balancing ropes: move laterally on the ropes
no.8 / Flea jump: jump with feet pressed together, over each bar
no.9 / Parallel bars: cross the bars using the right arm, then left arm, both arms stretched
no.10 / Alternate jumps: jump with feet together alternately on each side while advancing
no.11 / Balance beam: walk along the beam
no.12 / Double wall bars: hang from the top bar, raise the legs by 90°
no.13 / Crossbar with two ropes: arms extended, go up, down – climbing rope
no.14 / Horizontal ladder: move forward while hanging, changing hands alternately
no.15 / Abdominals: sitting, feet under the log, hands behind the head, bend forward with back straight

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