Bike Park

Get on your bike! With its bike park and two Pump tracks, Domaine de Déva invites you to come and get on the roller skates, ramps, jumps, banked turns and other bumps that punctuate the courses.

Attention: the site will be closed in case of rain, to keep the tracks in good condition.

Technical description of both routes:

  • A small pump type track accessible to all and dedicated to learning skating techniques, roller skating, banked turns…
  • A large track, reserved for those over 10 years old

Download the layout of this track

Pump track: defining elements

The pump track is a continuous loop mountain bikers can move on without pedalling.

It is possible to reach speeds of over 30 km/h just by “pumping” on the grooves, humps and bends of the circuit.

Sequences of turns, hollows and bumps can be rolled on or skipped in multiple combinations. The pump tracks are accessible and user-friendly, and intended for a wide audience. These routes are fun and evolving, and encourage everyone to learn the fundamentals of riding and make progress.

Usage guidelines:

  • Each individual uses this circuit at their own risk.
  • Do not overestimate your level.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by responsible adults who ensure their safety.

Recommendation: please be careful not to climb or skate on the verges of the modules (banked turns, tables, starting platforms), inside or outside of them.

Rider’s equipment:

    Closed athletic shoes and suitable body protectors (elbow, knee, and dorsal) are strongly recommended and are mandatory for children under 12 years old.

The types of bikes suitable for the bike-park routes:

  • All DIRT, BMX or All Mountain Enduro mountain bikes

BACK-PEDAL brake bicycles and ALL MOTOR VEHICLES are strictly PROHIBITED within the Bike Park.

Recommendations: “rear” suspension should be locked and tyres should be inflated.

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