The management of the Domaine de Déva

Acquired by the South Province in 1992, the Domaine de Deva (7,815 hectares) has been managed by the semi-public company SEM MWE ARA since 2008.

This brings together:

LA PROVINCE SUD (SOUTH PROVINCE) where the development of tourism is at the heart of political action

PROMOSUD, which is an organisation in charge of economic development in the SOUTH PROVINCE

THE MUNICIPALITY OF BOURAIL in which the Domaine of Deva is located. The municipality has now heavily invested in tourism development, especially through its tourist office: Bourail Tourisme.


THE “MWE ARA” GROUPEMENT DE DROIT PARTICULIER LOCAL (GDPL), which brings together and represents the tribes involved within the management system.

SOCIÉTÉ DE PARTICIPATION BOURAILLAISE (BOURAILLAISE HOLDING COMPANY) which brings together the inhabitants of Bourail who have chosen to be involved in the development of the “Domaine de Déva” project.

As the manager of the Deva site for the Province-South, the missions of the SEM Mwe Ara are:

  • To welcome and provide information to visitors
  • To build relations with Domaine stakeholders
  • To develop tourist activities
  • To manage the Domaine (security, care-taking, maintenance of spaces and equipment)
  • To protect the environment: raising awareness, developing natural heritage and fighting against invasive species

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